• Services provided outside Ann Arbor's city limits are paid for by the communities that purchase the service. Ann Arbor taxpayers do not fund public transit services that are provided in other communities. This policy will continue to be true for the new public transportation service improvements.
  • The improved services in this plan will also be funded by a combination of state and federal matching funds. This means that every $1 spent by local taxpayers is generally matched by $2 in return from state and federal funds.
  • We also will fund the new and improved services through the collection of fares and purchase-of-service agreements (POSAs) with local governments and business partners in the Authority area.
  • An owner of a $100,000 home will only pay $35 per year.


  • Improved Services:
  1. Ann Arbor Ward 1

  2. Ann Arbor Ward 2

  3. Ann Arbor Ward 3

  4. Ann Arbor Ward 4

  5. Ann Arbor Ward 5

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  • Ypsilanti & Ypsilanti Township
  • Nearly 80% of the services AAATA provides are operated in the City of Ann Arbor for the benefit of local residents.
  • AAATA operates a bus stop within 1/4 mile of 90% of the households in the cities of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.
  • 66% of Ann Arbor's registered voters have used public transit.
  • 54% of TheRide's customers have a car and a driver's license, but choose to use public transportation.
  • TheRide provided a record-setting 6.6 million trips in 2013.
  • The 44% new additional service hours generated within each jurisdiction totals about 57,000 for Ann Arbor, nearly 8,500 more hours of service for Ypsilanti, and at least 9.400 hours of new service for Ypsilanti Township residents.

TheRide's operating costs per passenger trip are 17% lower than the peer median.

The average cost to residents will be less than a cup of coffee per week.

Five-Year Transportation Improvement Program

As TheRide welcomes new members into the Authority to create a true urban core transportation system, there are opportunities to improve service for all residents. Following the successful passage of the May 6 Public Transportation Improvement Millage, TheRide will be improving service, focusing on accessibility of jobs, economic health and public safety, beginning August 24, 2014!

95% say it's important to provide public transportation.