"I use the weekend service to go to Kerrytown Farmers Market and out to dinner and use the weekday service to find work.  I would say AAATA has some of the best transit service in the country.  The rider tools on TheRide.org are really helpful."

Jereme, Ann Arbor​​

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TheRide Citizen Report Fiscal Year 2013


TheRide Citizen Report Fiscal Year 2016

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"I live in Ypsilanti and work in Ann Arbor.  I love taking the bus because parking is so hard in Ann Arbor."

Erica, Ann Arbor​​


2014 Fiscal Year Info

"TheRide gives me the freedom to do what I need and live how I want.  I especially love taking my grandkids on the bus."

Sara, Ann Arbor​​

"I use a lot of the later night and weekend service to get to work and back home.  The bus always gets me there on time."

Wayne, Ypsilanti​​

"I ride the bus every day. Gets me everywhere I need to go!"


"It's useful, you can trust it, and the drivers are nice, too!  They are trustworthy people."

Michael, Ann Arbor​​

2018 Fiscal Year Info

TheRide Citizen Report Fiscal Year 2015

"The city bus and Park & Ride lots have proven to be a wonderful benefit for VA employees.  They avoid parking hassles and it’s easy for them to get to work!"

Stephan, VA Hospital​​

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2016 Fiscal Year Info

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"I have no car and the bus is the only transportation I use."

Nicole, Ann Arbor​​

"I use the bus tracking tool on my phone and it saves me from waiting out in the cold."

Daniel, Ann Arbor​​

TheRide Citizen Report Fiscal Year 2014

"I can't imagine my life without TheRide.  To be able to be independent, to raise my child, to have a life.  That's what TheRide has given me."

A Rider From Ann Arbor​​


"I’ve been away and back again and never found a better, friendlier bus system. I’m a Gold card rider now and glad that AAATA is still there for me."

Catherine, Ypsilanti​​​

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2017 Fiscal Year Info

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2015 Fiscal Year Info

TheRide Citizen Report Fiscal Year 2017

Community / Citizen Reports

2013 Fiscal Year Info

"TheRide has made my commute from Ypsilanti to U of M Central Campus simple and stress-free!"

Cameron, Ann Arbor