Five-Year Transportation Improvement Plan Implementation

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Year 1 Improvement Summary - Implemented August 2014:
• Later weekday service on 15 routes
• New Saturday service on 18 routes
• New weekday evening service on 4 routes
• New Route 46: Huron-Textile implemented
• Expanded A-Ride hours until 11:45 on weekdays and Saturdays until 7:45pm. Service area expanded to include area ¾ mile around new Route 46.

Year 2 Improvement Summary - Implemented August 2015:
• New Sunday Service on Ypsilanti Local Routes, originally planned for May 2016
• Extended Service on Route 6 to Ypsilanti on Sundays
• Increased Frequency on Route 46
• More Frequent Service on Route 2C-now Route 65
• New Route 67 Platt-MI Ave
• Later Saturday and Sunday Service
• Later Hours for A-Ride on Weekends

Year 3 Improvement Summary - Implemented May 2016:
• 12 More Routes
• More frequent and more direct service
• Expanded A-Ride Service for people with disabilities on new routes 26, 27, 29 and 30
• New route names and numbers to make the system easier to understand and use
• New Routes 26, 29, and 30 for more connections between Scio Township and Ann Arbor

Year 3 Improvement Summary Continued - Implemented August 2016:
• New Route 61: Service between Costco and office parks south of Ellsworth on State Rd.
• Increased Frequency on Route 6 to every 15 minutes on weekdays between Downtown Ann Arbor and Meijer (Carpenter Rd.)

Year 4 Improvement Summary - Implemented September 2017:
• FlexRide, a pilot service, providing shared-ride transportation in southeastern Ypsilanti Township started September 27.

There have been 18 buses purchased in the last three years to accommodate the increases in service associated with the Five-year Transportation Improvement Program. This does not include new buses to replace buses which have reached the end of their useful life.
There have been 15 new bus routes added; six new routes added in Ann Arbor (Routes 31, 32, 27) including three that extend into Scio Township (Routes 26, 29, 30), and seven new routes added in the Ypsilanti area (42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 68). Two new routes were also implemented in Pittsfield Township (Routes 61 and 67) as part of their Purchase of Service Agreement (POSA).
Overall ridership is up 5% so far in fiscal year 2017 from fiscal year 2016. It takes roughly two years to gather enough data to analyze if a route is performing as expected, if routes, stops or time points need to be adjusted or if some other action is warranted. TheRide rolled out more than 40% more service since August 2014, so there is a lot to review. Here is the tentative schedule of when services in TheRide’s Five-Year Transportation Improvement Program will be reviewed and adjusted:

Services Implemented: August 2014
Begin Initial Service Review: Winter 2016
Potential Adjustment: Fall 2017

Services Implemented: August 2015
Begin Initial Service Review: Winter 2017
Potential Adjustment: Fall 2018

Services Implemented: May 2016
Begin Initial Service Review: Winter 2018
Potential Adjustment: Fall 2019

Services Implemented: August 2017
Begin Initial Service Review: Winter 2019
Potential Adjustment: Fall 2020

August 2017:
• Modifications made to evening service on Routes 21, 24, 25, and 64.
• Route modifications and schedule revisions to Route 32 to improve timing between buses along Miller Rd and more direct service on Maple between Stadium and Liberty.
• Route modification to Route 46 to provide more direct service on Huron River Dr and access to neighborhoods south of Textile Rd.
• Routes 43 and 68 connected to provide direct trips between the Gault Village area, shopping on Michigan Ave, and downtown Ypsilanti without transferring between buses.

August 2016:
• Adjustments to Route 32 to provide more direct service for N. Maple Road.
• Added more frequent service on Route 6, including service to Costco, originally scheduled for August 2017.
• Added Route 61: Airport-Avis Farms in Pittsfield Twp. Service was originally part of the planned SalineExpress (not implemented because the City of Saline elected not to proceed.)

May 2016:
• Added service to LeForge Road on Route 3 instead of including it on Route 41.

August 2015:
• Implemented Sunday service in Ypsilanti, originally scheduled for May 2016
• Expanded midday capacity on Route 2C, originally scheduled for August 2014
• Eastern Michigan University shuttle not revised as planned because EMU elected to keep existing routes

August 2014:
• Route 67 implemented in August 2015 instead of 2014 as a result of a contractual agreement with Pittsfield Township
• SalineExpress was not implemented because the City of Saline chose not to proceed with the route
• New Saturday service on 13, 14 was scheduled for August 2015, implemented 1 year early
• Route 3 was originally planned to run until 11:15pm, it is currently running until 10:42pm

Express service between Ypsilanti Township and Ann Arbor will begin service in January 2018.

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