"The city bus and Park & Ride lots have proven to be a wonderful benefit for VA employees.  They avoid parking hassles and it’s easy for them to get to work!"

Stephan, VA Hospital

"It's useful, you can trust it, and the drivers are nice, too!  They are trustworthy people."

Michael, Ann Arbor

"I ride the bus at night and early mornings and I like the later weekend service.  I would really like to see later weekend service and more than just hourly service.  It would also be nice to have a bigger NightRide area.  I have no car and the bus is the only transportation I use."

Nicole, Ann Arbor

What People Are Saying

"I use the weekend service to go to Kerrytown Farmers Market and out to dinner and use the weekday service to find work.  I would say AAATA has some of the best transit service in the country.  The rider tools on TheRide.org are really helpful."

Jereme, Ann Arbor

"TheRide gives me the freedom to do what I need and live how I want.  I especially love taking my grandkids on the bus."

Sara, Ann Arbor

"I use Route 31 to get to grad school and back home.  It's more convenient for me because Route 9 used to run in a large loop and that made my ride much longer.  It only takes ten minutes to get downtown and the bus tracker tool is very helpful."

Grace, Ann Arbor

"Routes 28B, 30 and 29 give me three convenient ways to get home from WCC.  I used to ride 12A and 12B, but now it’s much easier to get home for me.  I use the bus tracking tool on my phone and it saves me from waiting out in the cold."

Daniel, Ann Arbor

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"I live in Ypsilanti and work in Ann Arbor.  I love taking the bus because parking is so hard in Ann Arbor."

Erica, Ann Arbor

"I can't imagine my life without TheRide.  To be able to be independent, to raise my child, to have a life.  That's what TheRide has given me."

Kathleen, Ann Arbor

"The new Sunday service in Ypsilanti makes it so I can work on Sundays, I couldn't do that before.  I use a lot of the later night and weekend service to get to work and back home.  The bus always gets me there on time."

Wayne, Ypsilanti